Thanks for choosing the Iranian Rice Shop 14, since using this site in any way means to accept the terms and conditions set forth in the section on the use of the site, please read it carefully:

Personal Information

Information requested by users when ordering or registering is as follows: In order to authenticate: First name and surname To make calls (if needed for further coordination): fixed or mobile phone number and, if desired, email For fast and timely delivery: exact address and zip code for postage purchases When purchasing a website, users should complete the above information in a complete and correct manner, and obviously the responsibility of issues and problems such as sending to the wrong address, etc., due to a flaw in the information entered, will be borne by the customer.
Information that users receive when ordering or registering can be used for the following Authentication and assurance of the accuracy of order registration Send and deliver immediate and accurate customer orders in the shortest possible time Improve the presentation process at the store Send e-mail new products and special offers if desired by the customer Improve the quality of the services provided to our valued customers
The Persian Rice Company 14 undertakes to make every effort to protect the personal information of the users. In order to prevent unauthorized access or publication of personal information of users, try their best with the method of data retention. Your personal information will never be disclosed to any person outside the relevant authority, and will not post any orders from the Iranian Airlines site and will not be distributed to third parties without their own permission or by the law enforcement authority.

Ordering order and sales contract

After viewing, checking and comparing the goods presented in the store and choosing the desired item, it will be ordered.
After receiving the precursor, the user finishes the payment of the order of the precursor by choosing the payment method, the method of sending and final confirmation of the order, and the subsequent payment. Finalizing the order means accepting the need for a sales deal. It is noteworthy that payment in the place is possible only in Tehran and with the prior customer coordination.

Rights of Iranian Rice Shop 14

You may change your service store for any reason at any time without notice and the right to change the terms of these services will also be reserved for us. (Such as changing the bank's payment site to the bank with better services or using modern transportation systems to provide the best possible service to dear customers)



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